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The following sites will not teach you how to become a pro-gamer, it is your taste for effort, your resistance to stress and your skill that will help you progress. But sometimes, to join a Team, you have to know how to put yourself forward and apply to established structures to get a contract.
Other professions exist, such as eSport coach (analyst and diplomat), mental trainer (listening and personal development), influencer (versatile and relational), organiser (rigour and relational) or referee. This list of resources will help you discover this world and why not make a career out of it.



This website is dedicated to employment in eSport sector, mainly in USA. A good start point if you are looking for a permanent or part time job, even remote. Filter by location, level and contract time are really relevant.

Official website: hitmarkerjobs.com



Job openings and internship postings from the major esports and gaming organizations, as well as eSport teams, mainly in USA. ReKTJobs is committed to the college and university scene.

Official website: rektjobs.com

Gaming Jobs


This international site, with a section dedicated to eachh country, offers both numerous and varied job descriptions (video games and eSport) and highly targeted job offers, internships and permanent contracts. It's a very good starting point.

Official website: jobs.game

Games Jobs Direct


Platform that offers mostly temporary job offers in medium and large American structures. To explore to discover the community. The site also allows you to post your CV, which is visible to everyone.

Official website: gamesjobsdirect.com

Games Industry - Jobs


General job directory specialized in all gaming industry. It proposes filters by world region, company and job types. Programming is the main folder but eSport opportunities can be found.

Official website: jobs.gamesindustry.biz

Other tracks:

Don't forget to go to trade fairs or events live to discuss with those who do the job you are aiming for, it's the best way to make contacts and get an idea of the reality of a job.

Some game publishers who have a large eSport community also have needs, but you have to be willing to travel.

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