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Some started by doing a LAN in their city and ended up organizing international tournaments (ESWC for example), others directly constituted themselves as the eSport League.
The eSport world needs to gather around major competitive events, to reward the best of them. Here is the list of meetings not to be missed.

Where to have a good time playing eSport?



This gaming convention is held since 2004 every year around USA and in Australia. It brings around 65.000 gamers to exhibitions, conferences, free game testing, tournaments, shows...

Official website: paxsite.com



RTX is a series of annual gaming and Internet conventions that started in 2011. First objective is to help community to make friends and discover indy games. A popular and friendly event.

Official website: rtxevent.com

Girl Gamer Festival

Girl Gamer

This eSport event can only be registered by women and takes place since 2017 all around the world. It is a mix of competition and cosplay mainly centered on CS:GO, Overwatch et Smash Bros.

Official website: girlgamer.gg



This is the UK institution in terms of competitive LAN. It is a mix of social event and esport confrontation. Everyone can signup for the 3 days event, and try to win up to £15.000.

Official website: epiclan.co.uk

Tokyo Game Show


TGS is the major asian gaming convention bringing more than 250.000 vistors to exhhibitions, seminars, eSport competitions and of course cosplay.

Official website: tgs.cesa.or.jp

Promoters and unions

These organisations work to organise the world of eSport at national and global level. They help festivals, players and major competitions to embed their practices and develop.

  • International Esport Federation | promotion and standardization ie-sf.org,
  • World Esports Association | development and professionalize wesa.gg,
  • International Esport Federation | development to students in USA nacesports.org,
  • British Esports Association | promotion and development in UK britishesports.org,

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